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Orijen Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 25


Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food, 28.6-lb bag

Designed to match your puppy's natural diet, Orijen Grain-Free Puppy food replicates the healthy and diverse balance of proteins like free-run chicken and turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish, fruits, vegetables and grasses that perfectly support the growth of puppies and young dogs. These world-class ingredients, all sustainably farmed or fished within Canada, arrive FRESH each day — so they're preservative-free, never frozen, and brimming with the proteins and fats that nourish your puppy completely. Orijen benefits puppies of every breed and size. Like people, your dog is a unique individual and his feeding requirements will vary with his breed, environment, age and activity.


Key Benefits


80% premium animal ingredients

20% fresh fruits, vegetables and botanicals

Grain-free & carbohydrate-limited

Infused with marine-source DHA & EPA Omega-3 Fatty Acids to support peak skin and coat conditioning

Veterinarian-selected botanicals help support metabolism, strengthen organs, and cleanse the body of toxins

Sun-cured alfalfa is a rich source of calcium to develop healthy bones

Chicory Root reduces the risk of worms

Pumpkin helps regulate digestive system

Mixed tocopherols protect the eyes

NOTE: During packaging, Orijen's air evacuation process draws excess air from the bags prior to sealing. Depending on certain variables, some packages will appear vacuumed and others not - rest assured the food in each bag will be equally fresh!

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